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University Events Submission Guidelines

The University Events calendar on PDQ@RWU serves as Roger Williams University’s primary public-facing events calendar with key details on campus events with broad appeal.

Events listed on PDQ@RWU must be associated with the RWU community and, in general, take place on the Roger Williams campus. While some off-campus events sponsored by the University may be listed – i.e., athletics away games – the entry of events on PDQ@RWU is restricted to RWU community members only (current students, faculty and staff).

The intent of the University Events calendar on PDQ@RWU is to list only campus events with broad appeal – in other words, events that are open to attendance by anyone from the RWU community and, in some cases, even the greater community. This is the defining criteria by which events are approved for posting on the calendar.

Typical events appropriate for PDQ@RWU include lectures and speaker series hosted by schools or academic departments, events associated with recognized student groups, performing arts, athletics competitions, information sessions and large community events hosted at the University.

The University Events calendar on PDQ@RWU is NOT a venue to list details on events that are only open to selected audiences or smaller portions of the campus community. For that reason, events such as regular class or club meetings, alumni gatherings or invite-only conferences (for example) will not be included.

Events that meet those criteria and are submitted according to the guidelines below will be added to the University Events calendar on PDQ@RWU and will be published in the appropriate version of the PDQ Pulse.

Finally, it should be noted that it is the responsibility of event organizers on campus to ensure that an event is submitted for listing on PDQ@RWU and/or the PDQ Pulse. The Public Affairs team, which manages the University Events calendar on PDQ@RWU, does its best to encourage event organizers to submit listings for major events – but the only way to ensure listing is to submit event details appropriately and confirm the event’s addition to the live PDQ@RWU site.

Questions can be directed to or to anyone on the Public Affairs team.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit an event?
All Roger Williams students, faculty and staff are encouraged to submit their events online via the Submit an Event form located on the PDQ@RWU site.

All submissions must include the Event Title, Date, Time and Location. Submitters may also choose to include a one- to two-sentence Teaser in the first input box, with all other relevant details entered into the larger Event Description area. While not required, submitters are encouraged to categorize their event and designate any fields that apply in the Additional Event Information box to improve searchability by users on the PDQ site.

It should be emphasized that while entry of events is restricted to members of the RWU community, the University Events calendar on PDQ@RWU is open for viewing by any visitor to the Roger Williams website. Be sure to check the “Open to the Public” box under the Additional Event Information area for events that are not limited to students, faculty and staff.

Contact information must be included so that Public Affairs can reach the appropriate person if required. Submitters should use their official RWU email address when submitting an event.

I submitted my event. Why don’t I see it on the University Events calendar?
Events will typically be edited, approved and posted to the events calendar within 24 hours of submission. The Public Affairs staff reviews submissions each weekday morning and at points throughout each business day.

Submissions that do not appear to meet the requirements or are lacking complete information will be deleted from the calendar submission queue or held until clarification can be obtained. Submissions may be edited for style and grammar to ensure consistency and clarity.

Event information included on the calendar is only as accurate and reliable as it is received. Publication of events is at the discretion of Public Affairs.

When do I need to submit my event for it to be included in the PDQ Pulse?
Each edition of the PDQ Pulse includes upcoming events for the following four days. For example, the Monday edition includes upcoming events taking place Tuesday through Friday of that week; the Thursday edition includes events taking place Friday through Monday.

Events intended for the Monday edition of PDQ Pulse must be received by 12:00 noon on Monday; those intended for the Thursday edition must be submitted by 12:00 noon on Thursday.

What information is included for events listings in the PDQ Pulse?
The event headline, date, time and location will be included in the PDQ Pulse. The event headline will include a hyperlink to the detail page for the event on PDQ@RWU.

For event organizers looking to offer more details through PDQ Pulse, the best suggestion is to submit a Campus Announcement in time for publication at least one week in advance of the event itself. The process for submitting information for Campus Announcements is entirely independent from submission to the University Events calendar on PDQ. Please see the Campus Announcements Submission Guidelines for more detail.

How do I include my event in Featured Events?
Featured events on the Roger Williams University home page and the home page of PDQ@RWU are selected at the discretion of Public Affairs. Highlighted events are selected based on their degree of broad appeal to all audiences segments.

How do I edit or cancel an event?
If you need to change information associated with your submission or cancel an event entirely, please email with your requested updates.

Why is my event not included on the University Events calendar on PDQ@RWU and/or in the PDQ Pulse?
Did you submit your event as outlined above? If not, it likely will not appear!