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RWU Magazine

Tell us YOUR story…

Welcome to RWU Magazine, the flagship publication of Roger Williams University.

When we launched RWU in 2008 (formerly The Bridge), we aimed to start a conversation. Education is just that – a persistent dialog that considers a multitude of viewpoints and approaches topics from a kaleidoscope of angles.

Our mission, at its most basic level, is to create a magazine that inspires you to further connect with the Roger Williams University family. As the magazine continues to evolve, we continue to strive to share genuinely interesting stories that challenge readers with thought-provoking content that will cultivate curiosity – the hallmark of higher education – and encourage readers to learn something new about the University or the world beyond.

Here, you will find digital versions of back issues of RWU to flip through again (or perhaps for the first time). We encourage you to share story ideas for future issues and to offer your reactions on current content by emailing us at

RWU is your magazine, too. Tell us your story!