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There Will Be Mud

Inter-Class Council hopes the 2011 Roger Williams University Oozeball Tournament is the first in a series of many in the years to come.

Bristol, R.I. – Roger Williams University students and faculty members found themselves ankle-deep in mud during RWU’s first annual Oozeball Tournament on Saturday, Sept. 17. Sponsored by the University’s Inter-Class Council, the event was part of the annual Junior-Senior Class Barbecue.

Oozeball – a mud volleyball competition that originated at the University of Connecticut more than two decades ago – has become a rich tradition on campuses across the country. Participants compete in two teams of six players with traditional volleyball rules, all while standing in 8 inches of mud.  

“The Class of 2013 has worked really hard to make new traditions for the school,” says Adam Semple, president of the junior class who helped coordinate the new event. Since entering Roger Williams, they’ve established the annual Cake-Off, Black Light Dance and the Sophomore Class Carnival. “We saw how successful Oozeball competitions are at other schools and thought it would be great event to bring here to Roger Williams University.”

RWU’s tournament featured 16 co-ed teams of juniors and seniors. Several faculty members – though not competing officially – joined in the fun, taking a dive in the muddy courts.

The junior team Slob Squad were named this year’s Oozeball champs and took home t-shirts noting their victory.

“We thought the annual barbecue would be a great venue for introducing the new activity,” Semple says. “Given the success of the Oozeball competition, we’re hoping to make the tournament its own stand-alone event in the future."