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Senior Spotlight: Phun For All

Mario J. Gabelli School of Business graduate Jamie Goodwick '12 looks to community to build an apparel empire
Photo by: Team Phun, LLC

When the employment market isn’t rife with jobs, there are two options: either complain about the lack of opportunities or create your own.

Mario J. Gabelli School of Business graduate Jamie Goodwick ’12 chose the latter.

Teaming up with his brother, Jesse Goodwick, and with guidance from his father, David Goodwick, a retired advertising executive, Goodwick is heading west to lead Team Phun – an apparel company that provides “distinctive, functional apparel and accessories for self-defining and socially active communities.”

What started as a passion project in Jesse Goodwick’s garage with an inherited screen printer to create t-shirts and hats with exciting designs that feature a comfortable fit and “street look” is now a full-time venture for the Goodwick men and associate Nicholas Moyal, who leads the company’s public relations and sales efforts. The group has looked to Facebook as a primary means of advertising; almost immediately upon launching their Facebook campaign, Team Phun increased their business page “likes” by 500. They are fast approaching a community base of 1,500 on the social network, sponsor five athletes and the line is available online and at two Southern California retailers.

“What we’re trying to do is incorporate the community aspect,” Jamie Goodwick says. “We want people to be part of a team. Because if you look at brands like Nike, it’s no longer about a team but an individual – Lebron James and his line. There are no companies right now that encompass the team aspect of what we call active lifestyles.”

Just four days after Commencement exercises, Goodwick will pack his car and head west to San Diego, where he will take the helm as President of Team Phun, LLC and represent the company at the Magic Trade Show in Las Vegas – the largest trade show in the U.S. where the top retail brands search for the newest talent in the market. Goodwick plans to apply his coursework as a marketing major at RWU to push the company forward.

“I had the opportunity to take retail management and fashion merchandising this year, as well as a business law class at RWU. The instructor, Tracy LeRoux, did everything she could to help me out with this venture. She encouraged me to go full steam into it and has been so helpful in pushing me to do that,” he says.

And despite a full course load, a study abroad semester in New Zealand, three internships at Business to Business marketing firms and four years of campus involvement as Student Senator, Chairman of the Campus Entertainment Network and a member of the Track and Field team, Goodwick has had a steady hand in designing both Team Phun’s brand identity and a wide range of apparel.

“It’s been difficult to juggle with schoolwork and my other commitments. My father reminds us it’s not about being rich, it’s about having a happy life and that’s what we’re aiming for. Anyone can join Team Phun – you could be a horseback rider, a skater, a grandparent. You’re going to wear the clothes and it will be comfortable. We’re all going to be part of a community. That’s what we strive for.”

All for fun, and Phun for all.