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RWU PR Team Campaigns for Popmoney in National Bateman Competition

The student team is tasked to drive awareness of Fiserv’s Popmoney, a digital social person-to-person payment service
Photo by: Hawk's Herald
RWU public relations students leading the 2014 RWU Bateman Competition: Margaret Sullivan, Jamie Warner, Joey Milanes, Alie Dessert and Jacqueline Bole.

BRISTOL, R.I. — In a culture of cashless payments, personal mobile payment services such as Popmoney are struggling for visibility in a crowded market of social banking apps – enter RWU public relations students Jacqueline Bole, Margaret Sullivan, Alie Dessert, Joey Milanes, and Jamie Warner.

Each year a team of five students from the RWU public relations program are selected to compete in the Public Relations Student Society of America’s Bateman competition - a nationwide case study competition where students are required to research, plan, implement and evaluate a public relations campaign for a real client.

This year, the student team is tasked to drive awareness of Fiserv’s Popmoney, a digital social person-to-person (P2P) payment service that allows people to securely send, request and receive money from their existing bank account using an email address or mobile phone number.  

One of the campaign tactics includes a Twitter contest in which the group has partnered with popular Bristol establishments to host a Twitter Scavenger Hunt for local residents and students. Hints on where to find Popmoney logos have been tweeted out daily by the group's twitter account, @RWU_PRSSA. Once participants have found the Popmoney locations, they should take a picture with the logo and tweet it at the team with the hashtag #popmoneyRI. The winner will be rewarded with the ultimate prize – a campus parking pass.

The RWU team hopes that the twitter competition will encourage participants to download the Popmoney app and find locations where Popmoney can be used. “We really would like the RWU community to know how beneficial this app is for college students," says team member Jamie Warner. "If I went out to eat in Bristol, I could pay my friend for my half of the dinner with Popmoney. It’s completely secure!”

The RWU Bateman team will be hosting other events throughout the month to further promote the PopMoney app. On Friday, February 21 at 10:00 p.m. the team will be hosting a 21-plus event at Finns in Bristol. Every twentieth person to walk into the restaurant will be rewarded with a prize if they have the Popmoney app downloaded onto their Smartphone.

For more information about Popmoney, visit or download the mobile application for free. Keep updated about the Popmoney campaign by following @RWU_PRSSA on twitter, or visiting their Facebook page at