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Editor's Cut: RWU Magazine Issue #9

Latest issue of RWU's flagship publication reveals exciting happenings within the University community and how community members at large are influencing change

BRISTOL, R.I. -- From exploding stars to floating gelatinous orbs to rediscovering history, the latest issue of RWU Magazine is bursting with stories that bring readers to the heart of the action at Roger Williams University -- all from the comfort of your own home. Careful readers may notice some changes to our pages (as well as a handful of additional pages we snuck in).

As we approach our 10th issue of RWU, we invite you to share your story ideas and reactions to what you read and see in the current issue. Email and let us know what you think!

Of course, for those who just can't get enough, we're happy to provide some additional reading to tide you over while our spring issue is in the works: