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Extra! Extra! Read All About It...

Want more RWU Magazine content? We're bringing it you via PDQ@RWU
Photo by: Cover photography by Robert Migliaccio

So much is happening at RWU these days, it's nearly impossible to fit all of the exciting stories on the pages of RWU Magazine -- so we're bringing the extras to you via PDQ@RWU! From video of the sailing team winning the 2011 ICSA Team Race National Championship to tales of the great weathervane heist at the Barn, the stories that didn't make it into the magazine are too good not to tell. Check out the stories below, and as always feel free to submit your own story idea for upcoming issues of RWU Magazine. 

  • Click here for live scenes from the Roger Williams University Sailing Team's 2011 ICSA Team Race National Championship victory. 
  • Why is there no weathervane atop the Barn's iconic cupola? That's a tale of a midnight heist, helicopter included!
  • Read the current issue of RWU Magazine online, complete with dynamic flippable pages and sound effects

There's more extra content to come -- be sure to check back in the coming days for more stories. In the meantime, revisit past issues here.