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A Field Guide to Local Seaweed

RWU faculty, students and alumni teamed up to provide this handy guide to local seaweed with illustrations from Katie Hurley '12

BRISTOL, R.I. -- Algae is abundant in waters worldwide – and the number of seaweed species is vast and largely unknown. Associate Professor of Biology Brian Wysor has dedicated his career to researching the biodiversity of marine flora, and for the past 6 years has applied NSF grant funding to research what he calls the “extraordinarily rich” marine flora across the isthmus. A shorter-term biodiversity study in Rhode Island is projected to turn up between 200 and 300 seaweed species, Wysor says. Head down to the RWU waterfront, he says, and in 20 minutes you can find as many distinct species along the shoreline.

RWU partnered with Wysor, his research assistants Courtney Anderson ’14 and Ben Korry ’13, and alumna Katie Hurley ’12 – an assistant biologist at Smithers Viscient Environmental Testing and Regulatory Laboratory on Cape Code – to provide an illustrated field guide to some of the common species you might encounter on your next trip to the beach. Click here to view.