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10 on Tuesday: From ‘Breaking Bad’ to Marine Viruses, Semester’s Series Recap

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Photo by: Jill Rodrigues ’05
Professor of Biology Marcia Marston holds cultures of marine viruses in the RWU Wet Lab.

BRISTOL, R.I. – Discover that an accidental gulp of seawater contains about 100,000 marine viruses, or how the hit show Breaking Bad undermines the family defense theory – and much more – in the recap of all the stories reported in the inaugural semester of the “10 on Tuesday” feature series.

Kicking off this semester, the “10 on Tuesday” series provided a fresh take on university initiatives, research projects, campus happenings and more. Via faculty members, students and visiting lecturers (to name just a few sources), the series leverages the expertise on campus to examine new research, ideas and visions for tackling issues big and small.

Missed any of the weekly stories? Here’s another chance to read through the maiden series line-up:

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