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University Events

Roving Eye Film Festival: World Short Film Showcase

April 7, 2014
2:30 PM
Location: Mart Tefft White Center, University Library
  • Open to the Public

"Chamomile": Directed by Neritan Zinxhiria, Greece, 2012. Running Time: 15 min. An old woman who lives in a remote rural location in northern Greece is faced with the burial of her husband under extreme winter conditions.

"My Mother Will Say": Directed by Andrew Gillingham, Canada, 2013. Running Time: 10 min. Jimmy, a child-minded young man is confused about his sexual attraction toward men. His mother and best friend Jade are unaware of this. When his mother finds magazine cut outs of half-naked men stuffed in Jimmy's bed her image of him is smashed and broken, as it is not what she expected or wanted.

"Tough Guy": Directed by Mike Maguire, USA, 2012. Running Time: 14 min. Three high school teenagers are terrorized by an older bully during what was supposed to be a night of fun. Hell-bent on making them suffer, there may be more to the bully's motivations than he lets on to.

"The Championship Rounds": Directed by Daniel Stine, USA, 2013. Running Time: 28 min. James Deacon, Jr., the deaf son of a once-promising boxer whose life was wrecked by drugs and alcohol, has struggled for years to escape his father's shameful legacy and find normalcy with a family of his own. Grudgingly leveraging the boxing skills he inherited from his father, he takes on whatever bouts he can find to support his pregnant wife. A tragedy leaves him alone to raise his newborn son. Guilt-ridden, he vows never to fight again and abandons the life that brought him so much pain. When he crosses paths with a trainer and former rival of his father, James faces an agonizing decision to run from his past or step back into the ring and become the champion his father never was.