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Roving Eye Film Festival: East Meets West

April 7, 2014
1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Location: GHH 01
  • Open to the Public

Our official partner the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, one of the largest Oscar qualifying short film festival in Asia, presents a collection of Japanese short films from their 2013 festival.

"Full Swing": Directed by Saito Yu-ki, Japan, 2012. Running Time: 7 min. Midnight at a batting center. A group of strangers are listlessly wasting time there. Suddenly, a man appears. His all out, single-minded swing draws the interest and lights up the hearts of the people bored up until then. Who is this man…an angel?

"Empty House": Directed by Kei Chikaura, Japan, 2012. Running Time: 11 min. Tatsuya Fuji, an actor who’s carved out his name in the history of Japanese cinema, stars alongside the young Takarazuka born singer Koko Isuzu. Depicting the awkward pains of a father-daughter separation, this gem of a human drama is set in Matsumoto, Nagano prefecture.

"Sacrifice": Directed by Ikuma Hori, Japan, 2012. Running Time: 10 min. Life after 3.11. What have we sacrificed, what have we learned since that day? Seen through the eyes of a young boy, this is a story about life.

"De Rira Subastutaimu": Directed by Shinsaku Hidaka, Japan, 2012. Running Time: 13 min. I lost my child. They also lost their child. A husband leaves his wife at the hospital and goes back home alone, but guilt does not overwhelm his heart. Rather, he feels uneasy about having other stronger feelings.

"Ordinary Life": Directed by Tomoya Nakamura and Shoko Watnabe, Japan, 2012. Running Time: 6 min. The standard morning routine, part of the family’s normal day. Their unvarying routine continues each and everyday. A spotlight is shone on the environmental issues that are gradually forgotten in day-to-day actions.

"Shadow Chalk": Directed by Yanlong Li, Japan, 2012. Running Time: 8 min. An outstanding student who doesn’t even need to study, “L” creates a mysterious dream world to combat his real-life stresses. In this world, anything that is drawn by magic chalk becomes reality. But what on earth will “L” draw…?

"My Dear Hina-chan": Directed by Daisuke Hatanaka, 2012. Running Time: 19 min. Hiroyuki works for the city, and his job is to wear the costume of the unpopular city mascot, “Hina-chan.” One day the costume is damaged. When he takes it to be repaired, he hears about the strong emotions that the craftsmen have towards their character…

"Not Over": Directed by Toru Hayai, Japan, 2012. Running Time: 2 min. A huge teddybear-like creature walks through the forests, mountains, seas, deserts, and grasslands. He finally arrives at his goal, but the true message is that "the story doesn't end until it ends." 

"Koyuki's Wandering Football": Directed by Satsuki Okawa, Japan, 2013. Running Time: 17 min. When it gets washed away by the tsunami, Koyuki decides to re-create her father's soccer ball that was signed by all his friendsi. Her journey takes an unexpected turn when she reconnects with her uncle who is a fanatic football fan.