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Campus Announcements Submission Guidelines

Campus announcements can be submitted to Public Affairs at any time via this online submission form for inclusion on both the Campus Announcements page on PDQ@RWU and for one-time publication in PDQ Pulse.

Announcements should be informational in nature, have broad appeal and should be intended for the primary audiences on the Roger Williams campus – students, faculty and staff. Announcements intended for only a specific segment of campus or applicable to a small portion of the immediate campus community will not be published.

The online submission form allows users to include an announcement headline and copy for the announcement itself, with a 200-word maximum. Contact information must also be included so that Public Affairs can reach the appropriate person if required.

Full text for the announcement must be included (Public Affairs does not draft announcements for submitters) along with all pertinent information. If an announcement is determined to be vague or confusing by the Public Affairs team, it will be held until clarification can be obtained. Submissions may be edited for style and grammar to ensure consistency and clarity.

Announcements will typically be edited, approved and posted to PDQ@RWU within 24 hours of submission; in most cases, an announcement will remain on the site for a maximum of one week. Upon request, a longer expiration period may be set in cases deemed of high importance.

Each edition of PDQ Pulse will include announcements that have been added to the site since the previous edition was distributed. Announcements intended for the Monday edition of PDQ Pulse must be submitted by 12:00 noon on Monday; those intended for the Thursday edition must be submitted by 12:00 noon on Thursday.

Questions can be directed to or to anyone on the Public Affairs team.